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Dear Pavel,

On behalf of myself and my family, I would like to thank you for acting as our tour guide to St. Petersburg. We all loved the city, and are very grateful to you for telling us all about it’s short but vivid history and our visit to the Peterhof, especially the gardens, I would say was a highlight of the trip for each of us.

In our remaining days, we spent a wonderful afternoon in the Hermitage, which I would rate as possibly the best museum/gallery I have ever been to, for the sheer beauty of the buildings themselves as well as the pieces of art contained within. We also took a boat ride that took us along the Neva and Fontanka, and looked at the epic mosaics in the Church on Spilled Blood.

Since our return, we have told a number of our friends about the trip, and several have expressed an interest in travelling to Russia. We have kept your card, and if any do decide to go to St. Petersburg, we would be delighted to recommend you as a tour guide.

St. Petersburg certainly topped Moscow!

Kind regards, Tom Garvey

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