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Folk show in Nikolaevskiy Palace

Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolayevich Snr, the first owner of the Palace, was the third son of the emperor Nicolas I and his wife Alexandra. In 1851 when the young Grand Duke reached his official maturity a bid was announced, and the project of the palace submitted by the famous architect Andrei Stakenschneider was the best one. The site approved for construction was Annunciation sq. (now — pl. Truda). By the 40th of the XIX century that place had turned into a highly fashionable area, the favorite place of promenade in St.Petersburg for representatives of the Higher Society.

Folk-show "Feel Yourself Russian" at the Nikolaevskiy Palace give you an excellent opportunity to know with the Russian history and culture and to feel rich Russian Soul!

During two hours of this dynamic colorful and pictureous show, you will hear tuneful folk songs — romantic, and full of life, watch sparkling dances of different provinces of Russia, — and learn that some items — such as saws, wooden spoons, and other traditional household appliances, — can also be used as musical instruments! And — oh, miracle! — suddenly you will find yourself right on the stage dancing like a real Russian, playing folk games and enjoying yourself! The folk show is represented with 4 professional folk groups.

In program: Cossak collective «Maidan», dance-ensemble «Stars of Petersburg», Russian folk orchestra «Souvenir» and Russian folk Quartette «Naigrysh» During the intermission, in the reception room you can taste dainty dishes on buffet table: canap? with black and red caviar, fruits, Champaign.

Price for 2 persons: 96 EURO

Price includes: transfer hotel — Nikolaevskiy Palace — hotel, Folk-show, buffet table during the intermission (price for more persons, please request)


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